3 Days Jumpstart Cleanse

3 Days Jumpstart Cleanse

3 Days Jumpstart Detox Cleanse

Health is being kept through nurture and proper cleansing of the gut. This is the reason why Dr. Alejandro Junger, also known as the “Father of Detox”, created the 3-Day Jumpstart Cleanse program. This program is designed to jumpstart your gut and ease the transformation of foods into energy. You must understand the digestive system is not just an agglomeration of intestines where foods get broken down.

How To Detox The Body

It consists many key players that improve your immunity, also. After each meal, your entire body sends all its energy towards the gut, in order to facilitate digestion. If the digestion system doesn’t function as it should, your body wastes all its energy, leaving you tired. Dr. Junger states that its 3-days cleansing program will give back your energy. His entire program begins with a check. It is absolutely necessary that you measure the extent of your digestive problems. This is done through his Taut Test, test that only requires a mirror. By checking your skin in the mirror, you will identify the toxicity levels of your gut. Discoloration, dryness, redness or puffiness are signs of a malfunctioning digestive system.

Detoxing The Stomach

First of all, the gut is formed of good and bad bacteria layers. The body needs more healthy bacteria. Antibiotics, preservatives and chemicals disrupt the intestinal flora. In order to rebuild it, one need to consume prebiotic shakes, followed by probiotic supplements, in the mornings. The second layer, which is called the digestive tube, is the border that keeps foreign elements from getting into your body. Dr. Junger recommends taking 400 mg of berberine every afternoon. This will create a protection against the yeast “bio-film” that blocks nutrients and stores toxins. You can get berberine from food stores.

The Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue, also known as GALT, is the next layer of your digestive system and a very important component of the immune system. If this layer is weakened, the immune system gets weakened, too. In order to avoid such a situation, Dr. Junger recommends taking L-glutamine. This nutrient repairs the cell lining of your immune system and digestive tract, by accelerating cell division. You should take 1000 mg of L-glutamine per day, during this period of cleansing.

80 to 90% of the body’s serotonin is used by the network of neurons located around the gut. In order to aid those neurons to jumpstart, you need to take 250 mg of magnesium, right before going to sleep.

What should one eat during 3 Days Jumpstart Cleanse?

Since this is a cleansing program, one thing’s for sure: avoid gluten, dairy, processed sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Dr. Junger recommends to plan your meals so they improve your digestion. Therefore, pair veggies with grains, beans or animal protein. Veggies don’t require any special enzymes for digestion, so they need to be paired with meats. Don’t pair animal protein with grains or beans, as each require different types of enzymes in order to digest foods more easily. Taking a multi-enzyme supplement before each meal will improve your digestion.