7 Belly Blasters

7 Fat Busters

7 Fat Busting Supplements

It seems Dr. Oz has all the secrets to flatten a bloated belly and gain an ab that everybody could envy. Addressing science, he came up with 7 belly blasters to tighten your belly. If you want to feel sexy, take the pieces of advice in the following paragraphs.

Dr Oz Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

His scientific strategies will start by detoxifying the digestive system, shrinking the fat cells and so on.

1. Use Hot Pepper Jelly to review your metabolism

The very first step in reviewing your own metabolism would be to ignite the body’s natural fat-burning engines. This can be easily done through consuming hot pepper jelly. Very high in capsaicin, this compound speeds up your metabolism to 20% for 30 minutes, right after you eat it. Therefore, just have 2 tablespoons of hot pepper jelly every morning. You could spread it on an English muffin or eggs.

2. Reduce your fat cells with Catechin and CLA

Omentum is the fat that gathers around the belly. It is considered to be a very dangerous type of fat because it provokes inflammation in the entire body. In order to get rid of such fat, you need to consume a lot of CLA, which stands for linoleic acid. This acid reduces body fat, by accelerating the process through which cells release fat. It goes the same way with catechins. Get your catechins from green tea and CLAs from health supplements.

3. Decrease your appetite with Acacia Powder

Being 100% natural, this health supplement will help you to no longer feel hunger. Sprinkle it on foods and make sure to drink a glass of water when you take it.

4. Pickles are great digestive detoxifiers

The digestive system is filled with different types of bacteria. Some are useful for the digestion process, while others build up and cause inflammation. One easy and natural way to fight bad bacteria is to consume pickles. Choose a low-sodium type, as too much sodium can damage your kidneys. If you don’t like pickles, go for sauerkraut, kimchi or any fermented food.

5. Drink red wine and reduce stress

When the body is under psychological stress, it starts to gather fats in the belly area. Red wine is known to contain lots of cortisol, substance that is one of the most appreciated stress relievers. More than this, cortisol also fights inflammation.

6. Consume wet foods to help flatten your belly

When the body is dehydrated. it starts to store water in wrong places. This will make you feel bloated and fat. Foods that contain more than 70% water will avoid dehydration, leaving the body cleansed and slim. These are usually whole foods with low sodium content, such as:

6.1. Juicy veggies and fruits. Don’t go for banana and avocado. These fruits have low water content.

6.2. Foods that need water in order to get cooked: beans, chia seeds or soy.

7. Perform a 6-Pack Belly-Blaster Workout

The only solution for tight abs is cardio. Have a look over the Biggest Loser workout plan, as it presents a whole workout designed to increase your heart rate and work your abs from all angles.