Acacia Powder For Weight Loss


What is Acacia Rigidula?

Also called “blackbrush”, Acacia rigidula is a perennial shrub that can be found in southern Texas and central Mexico. Native Ameicans have employed it as a medicine for a long time. Nowadays, this plant is used for its anorectic effects.

Since there is a need for such weight loss compounds, this is the ideal thing to use. More than half of the population is either obese or overweight, this being the reason why this plant gained such great popularity.

What are the ingredients in Acacia Powder?

Acacia is highly appreciated for its beneficial compounds, which are around 40. These include amines and amphetamines, dopamines, hordenine, mescaline, tyramines, tryptamines, nicotines and amides. Influencing the pituitary gland, these chemicals release epinephrine/adrenaline, norepinephrine/noradrenaline, dopamine and catecholamines into the bloodstream, causing the body to increase the way its metabolism functions.

The metabolism is responsible with fat breakdown, meaning it burns the fat stored in cells and causes the weight loss to happen. As long as the metabolic pace is at high speeds, the body is sure to slim down much easier. More than this, acacia is known to suppress the appetite by stimulating norepinephrine.

Amphetamines also have a role in decreasing the appetite. They inhibit the action of a neuropeptide, known as Y. This is the most abundant appetite neurotransmitter in the brain. Once the body no longer holds carbs, it starts to burn and use fats.

What is Acacia Powder?


Obtained from Acacia extract, Acacia powder is one of the most important ingredients in weight loss supplements. A study conducted in 2008 revealed how the use of acacia powder displayed the greatest reduction in BMI over other fiber types, in addition to being the most palatable. Its fiber structure is a relief for diarrhea and/or constipation associated with irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

Acacia causes weight loss through thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is a process that raises the body’s temperatures, causing a massive burn of calories. Luckily, Acacia Rigidula is a 100% natural thermogenic that uses Beta 3 adrenergics to accelerate the speed at which tissues consume oxygen.

Acacia Rigidula enhances good mood

The wonder ingredient, phenylethylamine hydrochloride, stimulates the central nervous system, causing the mood to change for the best. This releases dopamine into a certain area of the brain, inducing a happy feeling.

Acacia Rigidula Side Effects And Dosage

There are thousands of Acacia weight loss supplements available on the market. Like with any other type of health supplements, it is advisable to consult a health specialist before using them, especially if you had suffered from other diseases.

Luckily, FDA has approved the herbal supplements made with Acacia. The dosage depends upon the user’s age, health and several other conditions he or she might be suffering from. However, it doesn’t matter how many supplements you take in.

If you don’t exercise and watch your diet, you will never manage to get rid of all the unwanted weight. Obesity is a serious problem that triggers many other serious health issues such as diabetes.