African Mango Diet Review

African Mango

African Mango Extract Health Benefits

African Mango is one of the common names used for a Southeast Asia tree species, the genus known as Irvingia, which is a part of the family called Irvingiaceae. The African Mango is just one name that this tree species is known by, some of the other names that are used, do include wild mango, bush mango, ogbono or dika.

The African Mango produces fruits that are like mangoes in description, and they are edible, but the biggest thing that they do contain are their nuts. This is because these very special nuts are highly valued for their unique properties, and these unique properties, are all that they contain from a fat and protein rich aspect.

African Mango Weight Loss

African Mango Diet

The African Mango fruit is like a large drupe. They contain fibrous skin and the nuts belonging to the tree are very aromatic in smell. These very special nuts are dried in the sun to help preserve them, and they can be sold either whole form, or also available in powder form.

These nuts are often taken and ground up to make dika bread or even Gabon chocolate. These nuts can also be pressed to get vegetable oil, in addition, as well. Sometimes, they are even utilized for their thickening properties, to be used in dishes such as soup ogbono.

African Mango Side Effects

A small study done on the African Mango on some obese human volunteers did show that it exhibited great ability to promote weight loss in these volunteers. Another bigger clinical trial in 2009 did show that the African Mango not only promoted weight loss, but it also helped to keep extra body weight off of volunteers who did participate in the study.

With this said, the African Mango is indeed the ultimate, when it comes to being a very powerful supplement from a weight loss and good health perspective. Use of the African Mango not only strongly encourages fat burning capabilities, but it can also lower bad LDL cholesterol, in those who have high levels of cholesterol in their blood.

Does African Mango Work

Even though African Mango is a powerful diet aid, it should never be used alone, this means that if a person fully expects to have good weight results. He or she also needs to incorporate a good diet of food intake along with regular exercise, in addition to using this powerful dietary supplement.

What is special about African Mango is obvious, and this is that, it can make a big difference for those who have fought long and hard against trying to lose weight for a long time. Therefore, it might be the fat burning supplement that you have been hoping for along the way.