Atkins Diet Weight Loss Review


The Atkins Diet Plan

The Atkins Diet is a diet where people can eat regular foods, but with less carbohydrates.

The creator of the diet, Dr. Atkins, promises weight loss with certain Atkins Diet foods, and that people will feel less hungry. Dr. Atkins also guarantees that people will experience better health when following the Atkins Diet Menu.

How Does The Atkins Diet Plan Work?

The diet focuses mainly on the amount of carbohydrates that people wanting to lose weight, consumes on a daily basis. Many times obesity is caused by people consuming more than enough carbohydrates. With the body burning carbs and fats at the same time to gain energy, the carbs are the first thing to be used up.

When the carbs are reduced to a certain level, and more protein is consumed, the body knows how to burn stored fat better. There are many foods that included in with the Atkins Diet food list, and some of those foods are eggs, meat, and seafood to name a few.

Atkins Diet Side Effects

Reviews have revealed that The Atkins diet does have side effects, some severe enough to where doctors themselves are tremendously concerned. High cholesterol, heart problems, and kidney problems have all been associated with the Atkins Diet.

Many health organizations are also against diets that are high in protein due to even more side effects that may occur. Despite the noted side effects the diet can cause, many people continue on with it because it is such an easy diet to follow.

It offers short term weight loss as well as long term weight loss, and although the Atkins Diet plan does not have very good ratings on the dietary guidelines it is suppose to follow, it remains a popular type of diet that people continue to try for weight loss.

Everyone should be careful not to consume too many carbohydrates, but do make sure they are getting the right amount of proteins that the body needs.


  1. I am trying the Atkins Diet for the first time and I am having very good success. Thank you for sharing some of the side effects. I was unaware of some of these. I am enjoying all the great food choices on the Atkins Diet.