Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract

What Is Grape Seed Oil Extract

For thousands of years in Europe, grapes, plus their sap and leaves have been used as traditional health treatments. Grape seed extract is made from grinding up the seeds of red wine grapes. This extract is much newer in the United States, but it is used to treat a variety of different diseases.

Why Take Grape Seed Extract?

There is a lot of evidence that grapeseed extract is good for all kinds of cardiovascular conditions. It could help with circulation which is poor or high cholesterol, plus it will also lessen swelling from an injury or helps with eye diseases that are related to diabetes.

The antioxidants in this extract are what attract many people to it. It is too early to know for sure how many benefits from the antioxidants of grape seed there are, but there could be some substances that can help protect cells from damage or even disease. This extract is still being studied by researchers to see if it could reduce the risks of certain cancers.

Are There Risks of Taking Grape Seed Extract?

The extract is usually thought of to be safe to take. Side effects you might experience include dizziness, headaches, an itchy scalp or nausea. Anyone allergic to grapes should of course not use grape seed extract. Plus, if you have high blood pressure or a bleeding disorder, you need to talk to your doctor before taking any of the extract.

Speak with your doctor as well if you are already taking any regular medications before taking any grape seed oil or extract. It is possible for it to interact with drugs such as NSAID painkillers like Aleve, aspirin or Advil, plus blood thinners, cancer treatments, some heart medicines and perhaps others. Since there is not a lot of evidence yet on the safety of this extract, it is not recommended that children or pregnant or nursing women use the extract.