Biggest Loser Workout Plan


Lose Weight Like Biggest Loser Contestants

The yo yo effect of weight loss regimes is when you work out to burn the fat stored in cells and the fat doesn’t disappear, causing the fat to be put back on. The Biggest Loser workout builds up a steady plan to help you improve your health and weight.

How To Start The Biggest Loser Workout Plan

The plan goes like this:

    1. Get ready and start today. Take a walk, even if is for only a few minutes. Go down the block or in the park. If you are not up for walks, build yourself up a regular set of exercises and work on it; if possible, every day of the week. At the end of the week give yourself a prize.

    2. Be a tracker. Put yourself on a calorie tracker and pay attention at everything you are eating. Create a journal in which to keep all this information.

    3. When it comes to cravings, be ruthless. This means you will need to get rid of all the foods that cause you cravings. If you are a fan of sugars, get rid of all the sweets. If you enjoy salty foods, throw away all the pretzels, chips and salted nuts. Stock your fridge up with fresh fruits and veggies.

    4. Create a photo timeline. Take pictures of yourself, weekly or biweekly. Document your improvement and keep the calorie track straight.

    5. Get the gear. Get a nice outdoor workout outfit so you feel good about yourself when you go out to exercise. Buy it from a nice, professional shop.

    6. Choose tunes. Create a playlist to encourage you towards exercising.

    7. Push yourself. Strive and make efforts wherever you are. Push your body to the limits. Don’t quit and work as much as possible, but in small increments, with only a few pauses.

Biggest Loser Workout

Cardio: go on the treadmill, spin class, swim for five or sic days, or at least one hour. The treadmill settings should be: incline 3-4, speed 5-6 mph. If you can’t do as shown, incline it 7-8 for 10 minutes and sweat as much as possible.

Weights: one hour of training for strength every other day will improve your upper and lower body.

Arms: lift 15 lb. dumbbells for biceps and triceps. 60-70 lbs barbells make amazing deadlifts.

Legs: use that type of machine that works the calves, thighs and glutes.

Abdominals: if you can’t laugh all day long in order to work your abdominals, use a combination of yoga moves and crunches.

The winner of the biggest loser diet is Olivia Wilde. Even Dr. Oz presented her strategy, on his show. He stated exercise and diets should not be given up.

This is a gorgeous lifestyle that improves the way life works, making it easier for the body to become healthier and skinnier. If you have decided to live healthy, put your life in order and respect a healthy plan of life.

Work your body as much as possible. Making love shapes your body and makes you healthier, both mentally and physically.