DHEA 7 Keto Review

DHEA 7 Keto

What Is 7 Keto DHEA

A non-hormonal form of DHEA is a substance that is called 7-keto DHEA. The adrenal glands within the body are what produces the hormone, DHEA, and is it always present at birth, but gradually disappears as people grow into latter adulthood. Once the body has finished metabolizing DHEA, 7-keto DHEA is produced as a substance.

DHEA 7 Keto Weight Loss

7 Keto supplements are fast becoming popular for their use of replacing DHEA. DHEA 7-keto has many benefits, and some of those benefits are, better sexual performance, increase lean muscle mass, and improving metabolism. 7-keto and DHEA have come to be known to many as weight loss supplements, and can be purchased and taken in pill or capsule form.

It is not recommended to consume more than 100mg in a day as it may cause some side effects. The said side effects that may be caused are upset stomach, high blood pressure, and possibly, liver damage.

DHEA Supplement


More research is needed and being done as to how safe DHEA is to consume, but the supplement is said to help increase thermogenic enzymes, therefore helping to control fatty acid oxidation which leads to the loss of weight. A 7-keto DHEA weight loss research and study was performed on patients for 8 weeks, and the ending result was that they lost a total of 6.34 pounds combined.

DHEA Side Effects

People with hormonal problems and pregnant women should not take any form of DHEA or 7-keto as it could have harmful effects. Scientists are continuing to study the exact facts about DHEA 7-keto, including weight loss information, health benefits, and safety measures to take when consuming the product.

Although everything is not known yet about how it works exactly, many researchers have discovered that it lowers cholesterol levels and helps reduce cardiovascular disease.

Many new benefits about DHEA 7-Keto are being discovered every day, researches feel that the benefits of this amazing supplement are endless.