Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss


Forskolin Extract Review

Whenever certain TV/talk show Doctors mentions a specific supplement for weight loss, people pay attention. Therefore, it should come at no surprise that the diet world has suddenly taken notice to a new supplement called Forskolin. What’s even more surprising is that some doctors are calling forskolin, the miracle flower to fight fat.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a flower from the mint family that has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Forskolin has been the subject of recent research which may indicate that it can provide substantial weight loss results for users who use the product with diet and exercise.

Forskolin and Weight Loss

According to research, Forskolin releases fatty acids from adipose tissue, which results in increased thermogenesis, a process which burns fat and simultaneously increases lean muscle mass.

While the exact process is not known, many research studies seem to indicate that Forskolin could be a healthy substitute to several other popular weight loss products, which have proven to be nothing but fads.

Forskolin and cAMP

Another probably weight loss mechanism is that Forskolin stimulates the body’s production of molecule called cylic AMP, or cAMP. cAMP essentially helps the body’s cells talk to each other. If cAMP is increased or decreased, the body responds with a variety of internal processes.

So how does this affect weight loss?

According to experts, by increasing cAMP levels, the body responds by stimulating the production of an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase, which is responsible for burning fat. It also might help release the thyroid hormone, which will further increase fat.

So what’s the short version of how forskolin works? Forskolin stimulates fat burning enzymes while simultaneously increasing thermogenesis for fast fat-busting results.

For more information on how it can help you lose weight:

Forskolin Dosage

To see results from forskolin, Doctors recommend taking 125mg in the morning with the dosage standardized to 20% forskolin. Anything less than this will have a reduced impact on weight loss results and may not help you lose weight at all. If you want, you can take another 125mg pill in the evening as well for further fat burning abilities.

Is Forskolin Safe?

The next question everyone asks is whether or not Forskolin is safe for them. In short, yes. Forskolin is safe for most healthy adults looking to lose some weight. Obviously, pregnant or nursing mothers, children, and adults taking serious medications should speak to his or her doctor before taking forskolin, as with any supplement.

For everybody else, feel free to add forskolin to your diet to see if it can help you lose weight. It’s still a good idea to talk to your doctor about it while you take it though.

Forskolin: Legit or Not?

Compared to other weight loss products, forskolin definitely has shown promise as a legitimate weight loss product. If you’re taking another weight loss product and are not seeing the results you desire, you could consider adding forskolin to your diet to see whether or not forskolin is right for you. Forskolin has helped thousands of people lose weight and chances are it will help you too.

And just in case you are wanting to see if it will work for you without paying full price, many legit companies do offer Forskolin Free Trial or 100% Money Back Guarantee.. And sometimes both. If you try it, come back and leave a comment on how it has worked for you.


  1. Great article. I've have been hearing a lot about Forskolin over the past few months but never really decided to buy it till last week. I just got the shipment in 2 days ago and I already feel a like my appetite has been suppressed some.

    I'm excited and ready to lose weight.