Garlic Extract For Better Health


Garlic Extract Health Benefits

Garlic is a so called vegetable, used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Its Latin name is Allium sativum because it comes from the onion family Alliaceae. In the same family we have leek and shallots.

Garlic Extract Benefits

The garlic bulb’s sections are known as cloves. In terms of chemistry, garlic contains allicin, the compound that it gives it the famous smell. As the World’s Healthiest Foods website states, the same substance is also responsible for many of its health benefits.

It seems garlic extract reduces cholesterol levels and regulates the blood pressure levels, putting the overall health on a higher scale.

Garlic Extract Lowers Bad Cholesterol

How the garlic extract influences bad cholesterol (LDL) levels?

In 2001, the “Journal of Nutrition” published a study conducted at the Pennsylvania State University. Here, the scientists studied how the garlic extract may influence the patients with high cholesterol. All the patients were males. For a period of 5 months, the subjects ingested garlic extract or placebo.

When the study was ready, researchers discovered the group taking garlic extract experienced the desired decrease in bad cholesterol (the LDL), while the placebo ones didn’t. Studies conducted on animals showed how garlic extract inhibits and stops cholesterol synthesis. There is no clearance behind the mechanisms of garlic’s effects; sure thing is the effects didn’t cease to appear.

Garlic Extract Reduces High Blood Pressure

Studies on garlic extract vs. high blood pressure levels

South Australian researchers decided to study the garlic extract’s effects on people who were already suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. For 12 weeks, the subjects were assigned placebo and capsules of garlic extract. The results were obvious, the subjects taking garlic extract noted lower blood pressure levels than the ones taking placebo.

A similar study, referring to high blood pressure, was conducted at the Ankara University in Turkey. Here, the subjects were divided in two groups: one with high blood pressure and another one with normal blood pressure levels. In the end, the results showed normal blood pressure levels in both groups.

The same blood pressure test was conducted in Japan, where scientists at the Healthcare Research Institute decided to perform it on lab rats. These were given garlic extract for four weeks. It seems the rats consuming the extract met a decrease in blood pressure levels and heart’s force and capacity to contract.

Garlic Extract For Stronger Immunity

The immune system is what’s keeping us alive and protected from all the diseases. Having a strong, well built immune system is essential for normal health. This system is the only one protecting our organism against infections and illness.

The “Journal of Nutrition” of 2001 detailed how garlic extract enriches and enhances the immune system’s functions. It also seems a healthy immune system protects our bodies against both physical and psychological stress.

Garlic For A Stronger Liver

According to “The Internet Journal of Nutrition and Wellness”, liver failure can be easily caused by many over the counter medications. However, one of the most dangerous and toxic substances causing liver problems is acetaminophen. This substance, taken in toxic dosages, might even lead to death. Garlic extract is the liver protector in this case, too.