HCA Review – Hydroxycitric Acid

Hydroxycitric Acid Review

Garcinia Cambogia HCA Weight Loss

Hydroxycitric Acid is an acid component found in supplements like Garcinia Cambogia HCA, and being that the HCA supplement derives from tropical plants found in parts of India and Southeast Asia, the hydroxycitric acid is found in the rind of the fruit, many times in high concentrations.

What Is HCA Hydroxycitric Acid

It is used in many weight loss supplements and is best known for making people feel less hungry. Many reviews on the acid has revealed that it reduces carbohydrate metabolism and food intake.

In weight loss studies, and for people wanting to diet and lose weight, supplements containing the acid are said to promote fat loss and does not affect the nervous system any. The way the HCA supplement, Garcinia Cambogia, affects people is solely due to the hydroxycitric acid that it contains.

HCA Supplement Benefits

Garcinia Cambogia HCA

The acid has other benefits that help with people wanting to diet and shed pounds. Some of the other benefits are it helps to stimulate the production of glucose in the body, lowers the amounts of fatty acids in the blood and there are many other benefits to this acid.

HCA Side Effects

As of this date, there have been no known side effects from people consuming the HCA or products and supplements related to it, but it is advised that no pregnant or lactating women take it. Anyone considering taking any diet supplement or vitamins should consult with their physicians first before purchasing them.

People that suffer from diabetes should also be advised against taking certain products with hydroxycitric acid as it may affect blood sugar levels. Diet supplements and vitamins containing hydroxycitric acid can be bought over the counter or ordered anytime online.


Many websites offer products specials depending on the amount of purchases. For people not wanting to order supplements but eat foods high in acid instead, good recommended foods are cheese, bread, beef, pork, wheat, prunes, cranberries, and much more. But as always, an HCA Supplement Extract from Garcinia Cambogia will provide the highest amount of HCA and provide the most benefits for ultimate weight loss.