Miracle Fruit Dulci Berry Review

Miracle Berry Dulci

Miracle Fruit Natural Sweetener

This Miracle Berry Can Turn Yogurt into Cheesecake

A wild berry plant, native to West Africa, has been implemented into something that could hold the key to long-term successful weight loss.

What Is Miracle Fruit

Touted as the “miracle berry“, the Dulci Berry plant contains a natural protein that inhibits sour flavors (albeit temporarily) from being tasted on your tongue. It also sweetens spicy, bitter, and salty foods.

Discovered by a Chicago-area chef, this non-genetically modified plant could very well help eliminate sweeteners and sugars from America’s diet.

Miracle Fruit

The protein that is naturally found in the berry is called miraculin (hence the name “miracle berry”). This can make a glass of water with a small amount of lemon taste just like a tall glass of cold lemonade, and can also make plain Greek Yogurt taste like a delicious piece of cheesecake.

When part of this berry is eaten, this protein actually binds sweet receptors on the taste buds, so after eating sour foods, the sweet receptors are activated, and results in the perception of a sweet taste.

Miracle Berry Benefits

Imagine a world where all you need is a small piece of something naturally good for you to begin with, to allow you to satisfy your sweet craving without eating an ounce of sugar. To sit down and eat plain Greek yogurt is boring and dull, but to eat something that tastes just like cheesecake without any of the added fat or calories, that is something short of a miracle.

Miracle Berry Weight Loss

In today’s world, we are always looking for the lose weight fast trick. This miracle fruit could be just that answer. Your diet should always consist of healthy foods, proteins, fibers, fruits and vegetables, but we all want that sweet taste now and then.

It’s just that when we give into those cravings, there’s a price to pay, in the form of calories. If you want to implement something in your diet that is healthy and natural, but can help eliminate some of the urges that you have to stray to the bad side of eating, the miracle berry should be on your list to try. Consult with your doctor before taking any diet supplements.