Organic Silica Review


Health Benefits Of Organic Silica Powder

The Many Benefits of The Mineral Silica to the Human Body

The mineral silica has been gaining more popularity lately due to its many great benefits such as hair and nail growth and bringing more elasticity to skin. This mineral can also help to diminish joint pain and prevent the clogging of blood vessels by improving the body’s connective tissues such as tendons, cartilages and blood vessel walls.

Silica is also the primary bone tissue builder because calcium would be just about useless without it. Coupled with this mineral, calcium will calcify tissues like the heart and the artery walls. Because of this, you could not have a cardiovascular system which is strong and a healthy bone structure without this mineral.

What Is Silica?


The second most common element in the earth’s crust, silicon won’t ever be found in its natural state, but instead can be seen mixed with oxygen. These two elements are the most abundant on earth, and they work together to form silica.

Research from UCLA tells us that silicon is a key element for the structural and metabolic processes in humans and higher animals. It is an essential trace element, as essential and vital as Vitamin C.

However, we don’t take in as much of this supplement as we need to on a regular basis. Since it is mainly seen in nature in inorganic form, we are unable to assimilate it because our bodies are carbon-based.

Diatomaceous Earth and Orthosilicic

Organic silica, or orthosilicic acid, is the organic form of silica that can be assimilated by our bodies.

We need this organic form of this mineral its internal benefits of our skin, nails, bones and overall health. Diatomaceous Earth is the inorganic form of this mineral and cannot get deep into our cells and cannot be digested. It does, however, have parasitical and electrical properties and can be used as an internal cleanser and an anti-inflammatory.

Orthosilicic acid can mostly be found naturally in vegetables and fruits, but even here we are seeing a lot less of it in our produce since soils are being depleted of silica and instead are high in other compounds which prevent the plants from absorbing the beneficial mineral.

Organic Silica Powder SilaLive and Its Benefits

Silica In Body

A product which naturally gives us a host of health benefits, SilaLive is thought to the first Neobiogenic Silica Health Complex which has both orthosilicic acid and Diatomaceous Earth.

When your body is lacking silica it can cause many health problems like degradation in your joints, bones, cartilage and collagen plus accelerated aging. Because of this you can experience the weakening of your bones and be much more susceptible to osteoporosis and bone fractures.


Some benefits of taking these important supplements include:

  • Fading age spots
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Normalize your circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Help to prevent kidney stones
  • Natural diuretic
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Improving the health of your joints, hair, nails and skin
  • Normalizes and regulates bowels

Heavy Metal Detox


This beneficial mineral can also help eliminate harmful heavy metals from our bodies. The worst and most fatal of these for our nervous system and brain is aluminum. It can lead to the terrible Alzheimer’s disease along with the calcification of brain tissue.

Silica is proven to be the best detoxifying agent for heavy metal and aluminum poisoning in our bodies. Therefore, you need this mineral to detox your body of these harmful metals.

With all of the healthful benefits of silica, it is no wonder that the interest in it is continually growing. This anti-aging mineral should be a part of everyone’s normal routine for their overall health and well-being.


  1. I truly find it amazing that this supplement isn't known by more people. I've been taking Silica for the past two years and it has completely changed my life. Skin is clearer. Nails are actually growing like they did when I was younger. And one benefit I wasn't expecting is my back pain is gone.

    I used to wake up in the morning with stiffness and back/joint pain. But that has cleared up. I started to notice that after about 2 weeks.

    By the way I am taking the Brand SilaLive. I purchased mine through their website and this past time on Amazon. Would highly recommend them!

    – Karol

  2. Thanks for the great review. I have been looking for something that is all natural to help clear up my skin. My nails don't seem to grow anymore. Maybe its my age, but I have heard such wonderful things about Silica. I'm going to give the product you mentioned a try. I was looking at their Facebook page and it seems a lot of people have had great results.