Rice Bran Oil Benefits

Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil Weight Loss

Why Rice Bran Oil is Gaining in Popularity in the Western World

Rice bran oil is popular in China and Japan, but is quickly gaining popularity in the Western part of the world because of its benefits. This nutty tasting oil has a big range of health benefits, which includes the amount of fat needed to lower cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. Plus, it is very affordable and easy to get.

Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

Extraction of a grain of rice is possible because it has fifteen to twenty percent of oil in it, a lot like a soybean. The inner husk of the rice kernel is where the oil is extracted from. Rice bran oil is perfect for deep frying and stir frying as well because of its high smoke point of 490 degrees, plus it adds a flavor to food which many people find pleasant. Rice bran also does not need any hydrogenation, giving it a long shelf life.

Rice Bran Oil For Weight Loss

Besides the rice bran oil benefits listed above, it also has antioxidants and is a great choice for anyone with allergies or sensitivities to food because it is hypoallergenic. It also naturally contains Gamma Oryzanol, which has known to be useful in treating triglyceride levels, high cholesterol and menopause symptoms. Plus it contains polyphenols, which are natural substances that work great against free radicals. Polyphenols have good effects on thing such as your digestive system, heart function, and blood clotting, and improving sight.

Squalene can also be found in rice bran oil, which is an essential component of healthy skin and is used in many cosmetics. It has also been touted as a good oil to use when you are trying to lose weight because of its healthy qualities.

Rice Bran Oil Side Effects

Any time you increase the amount of bran in your diet, you can experience side effects of discomfort in your stomach, intestinal gas our unpredictable bowel movements. The oil may be used in baths, but can cause redness or itchiness of the skin for some people.

Rice bran oil is overall a safe and healthy addition to any diet, and is enjoyed by more and more people for its wide range of health benefits and for the fact that it is easy to obtain and inexpensive.