Le-Vel Thrive DFT Weight Loss Patch Review

Since losing weight to achieve a healthier and sexier body has become a hype, numerous companies that offer supplements were formed and established. One of them is Le-Vel, a network marketing company that offers four different health supplement products. The products are multivitamin for men, multivitamin for women, protein powder blend, and skin patch.

Jason Camper, Justin Rouleau and Paul Gravette, who are all veterans when it comes to direct selling, have worked together to establish the company in 2013. Since then, they enjoyed growth and success to a level that they never expected. In essence, Le-Vel is highly considered as a company that offers products for premium lifestyle.

About Le-Vel Weight Loss Patch

The Le-Vel Thrive DFT Weight Loss Patch, or generally called as skin patch, is one of the four products the company offers. The skin patch is marketed as a product designed for appetite control, better weight management, and mental clarity through the use of a technology called Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) or Thrive DFT. The skin patch supplies certain nutrients and vitamins to your skin to achieve different benefits. DFT is a trademark that only Le-Vel has. This means that no other companies are using the same technology.

What Comes in a Le-Vel Skin Patch Box?

Each pack of Le-Vel skin patch contains 30 patches. This is already good for a one-month supply. The pack has a height of 10 inches or 24 centimeters. On the front part, you will see descriptions such as “Appetite Control”, “Mental Clarity”, “Derma Fusion Technology”, “Weight Management”, “All Natural Time Release”, and “Metabolic Support”.

Each pack is worth $62 for a single purchase. If you will subscribe for a monthly shipping, the cost will be down to $50 per pack.

Features and Other Details

Each patch is like an adhesive tape where you need to peel it off before you can apply on your skin. The patches contain Cosmoperine, CoQ10, Forslean Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, and White Willow Bark. When applied on the skin, each patch can last for 24 hours.

Aside from the premium DFT skin patch or commercially called as Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT, there are two other types that where released as part of the Thrive Plus products. These are the DFT Ultra and DFT Black Label.

Feedback from Current Users

Users who are knowledgeable about weight loss ingredients found that the Le-Vel skin patch is an amazing product. For one, it has Garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract, which are known as the hottest ingredients used for weight loss. In addition, these ingredients are easily absorbed into one’s bloodstream. These make Le-Vel DFT skin patch so popular amongst health conscious people.

Though the product generally looked good and enticing, there are numerous positive and negative feedback about it. For the positive ones, most of the users are claiming that they lost several pounds after a few weeks of usage. For example, a user claimed that he lost 9 lbs. after using the patch for 25 days. On the other hand, most of the negative feedback were concerned about the pain and discomfort the users experienced. They expressed that though the ingredients are listed, there are no corresponding amounts.

According to Mary Gillins, the reason for the pain and discomfort is that people react differently from the product. One main reason for this is the difference in diet and lifestyle. For example, people who are addicted to caffeine or those who don’t follow a regular diet would most likely suffer from undesirable side effects.

In general, the product works for most of the users. They also don’t have issues when it comes to customer support, money back guarantee and trustworthiness. Most of the issues were about ease of purchase and the expensive price.

In summary, the Le-Vel skin patch is one of the best in terms of health and wellness benefits. However, users need to use it along with other Le-Vel products to really see the results.

Pros and Cons

Obviously, the advantage of the product is its ability to boost one’s general wellbeing. As a result, users are encouraged and motivated to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The disadvantage, however, for many is that customers are encouraged, if not required, to sign up to an automatic shipment scheme. Another concern also is whether or not diet patches are really effective in helping users lose weight.

Who Should Buy Le-Vel Skin Patch

Anyone who is interested in adopting a complete health regimen or lifestyle that would effectively reduce weight and improve health, then the Le-Vel skin patch is for them. However, it must be noted again that the skin patch is best to use with other Le-Vel products such as the multivitamin and protein powder blend.

In particular, individuals with busy daily schedules can benefit from the DFT skin patch. Since it supplies nutrients and vitamins to the body without having to mix powder with water, users with very limited time can enjoy this product. Moreover, sports enthusiasts, athletes, or outdoor activity lovers can also find practicality in using the skin patch.


Certainly, there are issues that can be minor or major depending on the person who considers the product. However, these issues can be resolved when the product is purchased from authorized dealers or stores. This means that they can inquire about the details and possible effect of the product. They can clarify the problems and issues they encounter on the net and from other friends or acquaintances who have already used the skin patch and other Le-Vel products.

Finally, if you plan to consider using the skin patch, it seems that it would be better to also use the other products. You will surely suffer from unwanted side effects if you’re not ready and well informed about your current health status and the benefits and possible negative effects of the skin patch. The Le-Vel Thrive DFT Weight Loss Skin Patch is surely an effective product given the right usage, other Le-Vel product supplement usage, and knowledge about one’s health status.