Top 10 Beauty Foods

Top Beauty Foods

Top 10 Foods For Beauty

Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist and best selling author at New York Times wants to share with us some of the greatest and most appreciated detox advice regarding foods in her Top 10 Beauty Foods list. These foods will keep you younger looking and beautiful while detoxing your skin, bloodstream and cells so that your body can function at its highest.

If you want to achieve the best results, incorporate the foods presented in this article into your diet, at least three times a week. After only three days of dieting, you will notice that your skin will start to gloom. More than this, your hair and body will meet great improvement.

Top Foods To Eat For Beauty

Before you start the using the Top 10 Beauty Foods

This entire process needs to start with elimination. Start by excluding these harmful foods:

– processed foods
– refined sugars
– dairy
– artificial sweeteners
– gluten

After you have done it, start a healthy foods diet that will help you improve the way you look and feel about your body. Next, we will take care of foods that you should consume.

Top 10 List Of Beauty Foods


Also known as dried seaweed, dulse is one of the greatest remedies against tackling dark under eye circles caused by aging or tiredness. Such dark and puffy circles are usually the result of the body keeping too much water. More dangerously, they could be a sign that your kidneys are not functioning as they should. After all, the kidneys are the organs that balance and regulate fluids passing through the body. Their functionality is oftentimes determined by what you are eating.

For example, when you consume too much salt, water retention is caused. Dulse contains lots of vitamin B, helping the electrolytes to balance and to keep fluids and body in check. Even if it has a salty flavor, it is low in sodium. Use it as a replacement for salt.



Crow’s feet is a disorder that signals you might have high cortisol levels. Cabbage can help you get rid of this issue, because high cortisol causes the skin to break down and wrinkles to appear faster than usual. The organ responsible with cortisol creation is a gland, more precisely, the adrenal gland. If you add cabbage to your diet, you lower cortisol levels. This vegetable has a lot of anti inflammatory compounds.

More than this, it contains the vitamins A, C and E. Go for purple cabbage because it contains 6 to 8 times more vitamin C than the green one. As a matter of fact, just one cup of purple cabbage is about 80% of the every day vitamin C needed. If you want to get all the benefits from it, consume it 3-5 times every week.


Uneven skin tone is a sure sign of poor circulation. This means your skin doesn’t get enough blood, oxygen and nutrients. Bad circulation can lead to many health issues, such as hair loss or darkening of the skin. Watercress is one of the beauty foods that manages to address this problem, because it has the ability to cleanse the bloodstream and oxygenate tissues for increased flow and glowing skin.

Containing just enough iron, the red blood cells get to carry more oxygen towards the tissues, and therefore, the skin. More than this, watercress contains high amounts of calcium and iodine, compounds that prevent a dull complexion.


Beets are great for brightening dull eyes. They also have great cleansing properties, flushing the lymphatic system. A flushed lymphatic system will bring youthfulness back by clearing the eyes’ whites. The high content of iron and antioxidant betacyanin in beets will always support a superior liver and lymphatic health.

Beets are classified as beauty foods because they are 100% natural colon cleansers. They remove toxins and congestion from the entire body, through capillaries traveling to the eye. Moreover, they enhance oxygen carrying capacity in the bloodstream by 400%.

Tips To Improved Skin Care


Heavy metals in the body enlarge fat cells. These are the toxins responsible with the appearance of cellulite. Cilantro is a weed that will help cleanse the body from all these heavy metals and toxins. Include Cilantro into your smoothies and take them at breakfast. You will be amazed by its anti-cellulitic effects.

Oat Groats:

People say there is no better food to combat cellulite, than oat groats. Not to be confused with oatmeal, oat groats are whole grains resulted from unprocessed oats. They are very high in fibers, thing that is key to a long-term anti-cellulite diet. Fibers will help cleanse all the toxins that are released from fat cells. This way, they won’t re-circulate in the bloodstream and turn into cellulite.

Citrus Fruit:

Another super beauty food incredibly able to fight cellulite is citrus. Being filled with vitamin C, citrus fruit repairs the collagen and prevents cellulite from appearing. The best time to eat citrus is in the morning, when the stomach is empty.

Walnut Meat:

Every diet needs fats. Walnut meat is one of the “beauty fats”, because it helps the skin to appear more beautiful and supple. It also lubricates the joints and strengthens the cellular membranes against oxidative damage. There are thousands of omega 3 fatty acids in walnut meat.

This will make your skin much more resilient. Other skin troubles beauty foods address are age spots, sagging skin and thinning hair. Try walnut meat with spices and add it to your salads, tacos and other dishes.

sunflower beauty

Sunflower Seed Butter:

By eliminating free radicals, cellular damage is highly reduced. Sunflower seeds are among the richest sources of vitamin E, thing that leads to elimination of preexisting age spots caused by the previously mentioned cellular damage. For at least 3 times a week, consume sunflower seed butter.


Made from sesame seeds, which are very rich in proteins, olive oil, zinc and calcium tahini is one of the most appreciated beauty foods. As a matter of fact, is the most easily absorbed form of proteins. It nourishes the hair follicle and prevents hair from thinning. You can use Tahini in homemade hummus, or as a salad hummus, instead of just adding olive oil.