Water For Weight Loss

Water Weight Loss

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Did you know that just over seventy percent of the human body is made of water? So it’s really important that we get plenty of water in our diet.

Drink More Water!

Water is used by the body to flush out unwanted toxins in the form of pee and sweat. It also helps us digest our food well, so that our body is correctly nourished. Water keeps our skin soft and supple, is important for hair, nails and the correct functioning of the digestive system, and gives a big boost to our immune system, helping prevent minor infections. And one of the great benefits of drinking water is that it can be a huge help in your weight loss regime. You can actually lose weight by drinking water.

Water And Weight Loss

Water Diet

Water And Weight Loss go hand in hand and quite often we confuse thirst and hunger. What we identify as a feeling of hunger is in fact thirst. So next time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water – either plain or flavored – and you may well find that your feeling of hunger was actually thirst. Good flavorings for water include a few slices of lemon, a bunch of mint leaves, a piece of ginger, a chunk of cucumber or a few berries. You should keep a couple of jugs of flavored water in the fridge, ready to pour whenever you feel hungry. Many people doing the water diet tend to drink these flavored water drinks.

Before you sit down to eat a meal, drink a glass of water. Make sure there is plenty of water on the table, and drink throughout your meal. (This is also very good for your teeth, helping prevent dental caries.) Sipping water will also aid digestion.

In most places you can safely drink the tap water, but many people prefer the taste of bottled or filtered water. If you really aren’t a water drinker, then perhaps carbonated water might be more exciting to your taste buds.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Drink More Water

The benefits of drinking water aren’t limited to using it to reduce the amount of food you want to eat. Water is a great aid to losing weight when you are exercising or working out at the gym. If you hydrate as you exercise, you get less tired and you’re able to do more. People who are dehydrated get tired more quickly and do less exercise than those who are regularly sipping the H2O.

Researchers have demonstrated that drinking cold water actually increases your metabolic rate by as much as 30% for about an hour after drinking the water. This seems to be due to the body’s attempt to heat up the water. It’s thought that drinking water can lead to an increase in weight loss of up to five pounds a year, which is significant for most people.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

It is possible to drink too much water, especially as we also absorb a lot of water in our food. Check with your doctor or nutritionist to find out what’s right for you, but eight glasses a day is generally the recommended amount. Drinking water is a great way to help anyone be more healthy and lose weight.